Featured Business September 27, 2023

Featured Business Of The Month ~ October 2023 ~ Little

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Little on Mountain

“Discover a Taste of Love and Quality at Little, Your Cozy Corner on Mountain Avenue and Shields Street!”

Little is a cozy restaurant at the corner of Mountain Avenue and Shields Street. It’s owned by friends Brent Jackson and Dan Smalheiser, who both love food. People often gather on the patio, enjoying wine and love-filled moments.

The menu at Little is all about good quality food. They have a tasty starter called “Tartine” with peaches, burrata, saba, and bread. They also have a yummy pasta dish called “Chitarra” with grilled tomatoes, basil, and chevre cheese.

Little makes sure their meat comes from faraway places like Massachusetts, California, and Maine to keep it fresh. Sometimes, they get pork and eggs from a local farm called Jodar Farms, and some veggies are from Native Hill Farm.

Little’s food costs a bit more than other places, but it’s worth it. They make their noodles fresh every morning, and you can taste the quality.

But it’s not just about the food. The people who work at Little are amazing. They’re friendly and know a lot about the menu, making your visit special. Little has become a part of the Fort Collins community and is loved by many.

Email Little at info@littleonmountain.com

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