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Up-To-The-Minute Accurate Pricing
and Innovative Marketing Is Your Competitive Edge


Martine's specialty is her ability to identify and explain micro-areas within neighborhoods, which consistently helps her clients to price and market their homes more accurately than automated value calculators. She has watched the distinct neighborhoods of the community develop over time, and she places a premium on staying current on inventory, pricing, and trends. Her personalized list price analysis offers you the ability to price your home to attract the right offers based on correct appraisals. A certified luxury home marketing specialist, Martine has an eye for design and assists clients with setting the stage to close the transaction. Every seller receives a unique selling proposal, a concierge experience, and a customized marketing approach. She also stays ahead of the curve regarding technology, marketing, and "out of the box" solutions. She has developed tools and techniques to assertively identify and attract pre-qualified buyers to her listings using the latest technology. She is constantly creating and innovating marketing strategies and tactics that utilize top-trending advertising, traditional media, and digital marketing to reach sophisticated buyers.

Some recent examples
of Martine’s marketing innovations:


Home showing guides to ensure that potential buyers see the whole home. Matching photos from the guide are placed on easels in each room


Careful staging and preparation for sale that includes living and style suggestions


Lifestyle videos with live actors portraying a story of life within the home


Digital marketing and advertising with prominent visibility on Google and social media channels


Virtual Walk Through


Exterior 360 to showcase the neighborhood


Online video wherever it can be seen


Martine has found that every home can be sold with the right pricing, preparation, and marketing expertise. Your home is unique and has its own story. She will bring that story to life with her marketing.

As a full-service Realtor, Martine personally supervises and negotiates every single step of her client’s transaction from start to closing. She has a capable back-office staff handling all the administrative tasks, and only the finest contractors, landscapers, and stagers are involved to prepare and market her listings.

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