Real Estate April 20, 2024

Does home insurance cover water damage? 3 Things to remember

Homeowners often wonder, “Does home insurance cover water damage?” Water damage comes in many forms and sources, but your standard homeowner’s insurance policy may only cover some types.
To help you better understand the limits of your homeowners insurance, here is an essential guide to the types of water damage your policy won’t cover:

Water damage from unresolved maintenance

Ensuring your home appliances and systems are in good working condition is critical for insurance and their functionality. Your home insurance can help you pay to repair damages caused by the sudden failure of an appliance, but it won’t cover you if the failure happens because of unresolved maintenance problems.

For example, if your floors are damaged because your dishwasher leaks for months, you wouldn’t be eligible for coverage.

Water damage from a flood

Floods can be catastrophic and happen for a variety of reasons. Storms, overflowing bodies of water, and over-saturated ground can all lead to flooding and property damage. Unfortunately, regardless of why the flood happens, the damage will not be covered by your homeowner’s insurance.

You can purchase separate flood insurance from the National Flood Insurance Program to protect you in case of flood damage. Mortgage lenders often require proof of flood insurance when buying a home in certain regions where flooding is prevalent.

Water damage from a sewer or drain backup

Most homeowner’s policies typically don’t cover water damage caused by a sewer or drain backup. An outside water source backing up might cause severe damage to your floors or foundation, but you’ll likely need to purchase additional coverage to help with the repairs.

Home insurance can help you pay for many kinds of repairs to your home. However, it’s important to remember that these types of water damage require additional insurance policies.