Real Estate April 29, 2023

Why get a home inspection as a seller?

Home inspections are a vital part of the home buying process, shedding light on a property’s condition and whether it needs repairs.

But buyers aren’t the only ones who can benefit from inspections: Sellers can learn a lot from them, too — particularly before listing a property.

Are you considering listing your home for sale? Here are some reasons you should do a pre-listing inspection.

The inspector can bring to light issues you need to repair.
Home inspectors are thorough. They look at the home from top to bottom, including appliances and fixtures. It sounds scary, but it’s actually a good thing for sellers, as it can reveal things potential buyers might find when touring or inspecting your home. Instead, you can repair those issues and get the property in its best possible condition before opening it up for showings.

The home can be priced more accurately after an inspection.
An inspector can help you better understand the condition of your home, as well as all the systems within it. Armed with this knowledge, we can work together to more accurately set pricing for your home and establish expectations for sales speed and marketability.

It could keep the buyer’s inspection from derailing your sale.
A buyer’s home inspection can derail a sale. If the inspection reveals an unknown issue, it can force you to make repairs or reduce your price — and, in some cases, the buyer might even pull out entirely. A pre-listing inspection lessens this chance, giving you time to assess your home’s condition and make repairs before a buyer’s inspector sets foot on the property.

Just keep in mind: If you do get an inspection, you’ll need to disclose any issues found to future buyers.

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